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1. Posture improvement

mięsień czworoboczny, M. trapezius

Posture improvement comes first. It takes more time in young children but still requires a few months in adolescence. It is recommended to develop the back muscles to counteract the slouch. In order to achieve a muscularly balanced body it is necessary to use the middle and lower traps and lats and learn to use the core and the hip. Thus the shoulders are back, the head is in neutral position and the chest is slightly out (Ogren).

2. Breathing excecises

Ćwiczenia oddechowe w klatce lejkowatej u dzieci

In the youngest patients it is helpful to blow out a ball in order to keep it high above the pipe. By doing this a prolonged expiration period is achieved. It may equally be suitable for young trumpet players, swimmers, not to mention asthma patients. 

3. Swimming

Swimming by its symmetry improves posture. But professional swimming usually results in the swimmer's posture - rounded arms, so called swimmer's slouch. Only back stroke is free from the risk of developing bad posture and this stroke is advised in pectus patients. Swimming with a glass of water on one's forehead helps keep better balance of the body. 

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